Festschrift for the 100th anniversary
of the Turn- und Sportvereins Leinzell, 1900 - 2000


Leinzell around the turn of the century, postcard
Leinzell around the turn of the century, postcard

100 years of the Leinzell Gymnastics and Sports Club, a very special kind of anniversary. Not many clubs can look back on such a long tradition.
Many numerous and hard-working hands were needed to make what a handful of men launched a hundred years ago into what TSV is today; the largest club in the municipality of Leinzell.

The old writings, documents and the notes of the secretary from the beginnings of the association were very helpful to us in the creation of this writing, as many a name, one or the other circumstance and year could be taken from them.
Furthermore, discussions with a "senior" of the club were a great help, so we thank Leo Gregr for his old pictures, exact dates and anecdotes.
Kurt Leinmüller, Phillip Leinmüller and Richard Herbst for providing the extensive photographic material.
The Fotoclub Zoom for help with image processing.
We owe thanks to Jutta Josef, Siegried Friedrich, Dieter Bulling and Kurt Leinmüller for their excellent cooperation.

This publication is divided into four parts. In the first part we go into the founding years of the association, these are the years 1900-1925, the time of the two associations. In the second part we deal with the period 1926-1950, i.e. with the time before and after the Second World War. In the third part we bring back the time from 1951-1975.
And in the last part 1976-2000 we review the past quarter of a century.

While in the first part we were still dependent on sparse records, we were able to find a lot of new material for the later times.

There is one problem that should be pointed out at this point: Unfortunately, it is not possible to present everyone who has contributed in some way to the development of TSV Leinzell in spoken and written form. Nevertheless, we hope that we have not made a one-sided selection and we ask everyone who is not named or not shown in the picture for their understanding.

We wish the readers, members and honorary members of the TSV and all residents of Leinzell, whether they live here or elsewhere, a lot of fun reading the publication and looking at the pictures.

1900 – 1925

Members of TV Leinzell 1914
Members of TV Leinzell, 1914


Following a prior invitation in the Remzeitung, the founding of the Leinzell gymnastics club took place today at 3:30 p.m. with the participation of 13 members (including pupils) and the Herlikofen gymnastics club.

The chairman first welcomed those present and thanked the Herlikofen gymnastics club for coming in large numbers. He warmly urged the local gymnastics club to always remain loyal to the flag so that what was started today remains firmly rooted.

13 members and pupils were then admitted, where they determined the first gymnastics lessons on Wednesday, May 15th in the evening.

Mr. Gauturnwart Holz then took the floor and explained the purpose and principle of a gymnastics club, finally stressed that he hoped to see good success soon, and concluded with a triple "Gut Heil" on our newly founded gymnastics club.

A committee could not be elected because the number of members was too small and therefore on Saturday, May 26th. the first general meeting was scheduled for 8 p.m. “im Adler”.
The meeting was spiced up by some excellent delivery presentations by the Herlikofen gymnastics club, about which the chairman expressed his joy and thanked the brother club for their friendly accommodation with three “Gut Heil”.

The meeting closed at 6:30 p.m.

Secretary King


Members of TV Leinzell (1900-1925) Members of TV Leinzell (1900-1925) Members of TV Leinzell (1900-1925) Members of TV Leinzell (1900-1925) Members of TV Leinzell (1900-1925)

Members of TV Leinzell


Leinzell, June 9th, 1900

Today the founding of the Leinzell gymnastics club took place, which is why a committee was elected today, and the following members were appointed:

Georg Schäffler, member of the board
Michael Jünk, cashier
Bernhard Barth, Turnwart
Karl Krauss, Vice
Leonhard Wiesenfarth, affiliated member
Josef Müller, attached member

The following were accepted as members and pupils:

Wilhelm Höfer

Simon König
Anton Barth
Georg Röhrle
Bernhard Wiesenfarth
Karl Förstner
Wilhelm Schäffler

U.p. Secretary König
Board member Schäffler


Leinzell, July, 1th 1900

Our decision today was that a general meeting should be held every Sunday of the month, with the collection of the monthly dues taking place and other young people who want to be admitted being admitted.

An admission fee went into the cash register today M.p. 4,457

Secretary König
Board member Schäffler


Old gymnasium (1900-1925) Gymnasts from TV Leinzell (1900-1925) Gymnasts from TV Leinzell (1900-1925) Gymnasts from TV Leinzell (1900-1925) Postcard from the Bräuhaus (1900-1925) Festival program for the 25th anniversary (1900-1925)

Old gymnasium, gymnasts from TV Leinzell,
Postcard from the Bräuhaus, festival program for the 25th anniversary


At the beginning of the 20th century, the Leinzell gymnastics club was born in the "Adlergarten".
Apart from the will to exercise, there was nothing: no equipment, no space, no exercise room.
The innkeeper from the Bräuhaus became the first patron of the young community. He made his garden, his hall and, if necessary, his barn available to the gymnasts.

The gymnastics club celebrated its flag consecration with a big party in 1911.
Athletics was added to gymnastics and the plan to build a hall of his own matured. The decision to do so was made in 1922 and just two years later the building, which was almost entirely self-made, was completed.
The official inauguration took place in 1925 in connection with the 25th anniversary of the TV. In the same year, the gymnasts formed a new division.

1926 – 1950

Festival Queen and Festival King (50th Anniversary Parade, 1950)

Festival Queen and Festival King, 50th Anniversary Parade, 1950
(from left Weißkopf, Knaus, Ostertag, Schäffler, Stecher, Hägele, Bareis, Maier B., Maier A., ​​Hägele, Leinmüller)

In 1926, football fever also gripped Leinzell.
There was still no room in the ranks of the TV Leinzell gymnasts for such a department, and so the soccer players in Leinzell set up their own association – the Verein für Rasensport, or VfR Leinzell for short.

For six years, sport marched under separate flags in the municipality of Leintal. But more and more those in charge of TV Leinzell recognized that strength lies in the community and so TV Leinzell and VfR Leinzell merged on February 10, 1932 to form the Gymnastics and Sports Club Leinzell.

After the compulsory break in the "Thousand Year Reich" - in 1936 sports operations were discontinued for political reasons, in 1940 the club's own gym was expropriated - the football department began playing again immediately after the Second World War in 1945 as the first division of the club.

Track and field and gymnastics were added and handball was also played, but later the enthusiasm for it waned.


50th Anniversary Parade (1926-1950) 50th Anniversary Parade (1926-1950) 50th Anniversary Parade (1926-1950)

50th Anniversary Parade, 1950

1951 – 1975

Members of TSV Leinzell (1950)

Members of TSV Leinzell
(from left Leischner, Baumann G., Gunther, Baumann H., Strohmaier, Gregr, Reeber)

After the war was over and things started to improve again with the new republic, TSV was also successful again.
In 1952, the first football team became champions in the B class and in the same year they won the district cup.

After the old sports hall passed back into the possession of the TSV in 1954, the table tennis department was immediately launched, which was then able to celebrate its first championship in 1956. In 1957, the active footballers were allowed to celebrate another championship, and the youth footballers also had their first successes in 1962 and secured the district championship in the C youth.

In the years 1965 and 1966, the reserve footballers of the TSV secured the championship.

This was crowned in 1967 when the third team secured the title, but unfortunately they were denied promotion to the next higher class because the first team was already playing there.

A long-awaited wish of the athletes in Leinzell came true in 1968. This year, a new pitch was inaugurated as part of a large sports and entertainment program with a friendly game against the Stuttgarter Kickers.

Then, in 1971, the new community hall was inaugurated, and some older members saw this with mixed feelings, because the club's "old sports hall" was demolished at the same time. In the following year, the new club house in the community hall could finally be occupied, after the Bräuhaus (until it was demolished), then the Gasthaus Traube, Café Erleneck or the Hofbräustüble had been used as club houses.

In the same year, the Gau Children's Meeting took place with over 800 children on the sports grounds of the TSV.

In 1973, the table tennis team secured the championship and promotion to the district class.

Finally, in 1975, the 75th anniversary was celebrated with a big parade and a tent party.


Table tennis in the old hall (1951-1975) 1st team in Mutlangen 54/55 (1951-1975) TSV committee 54 (1951-1975) Carnival game (1951-1975) Team photo (1951-1975) Team photo (1951-1975)

Table tennis in the old hall, 1st team 1954, TSV committee 1954
Carnival game, various team photos


"..game cancelled!"

This was nothing unusual given the space available at the time. If every kicker rubs his eyes at such a sight today, that was nothing unusual for the former Leinzeller sports field, where the gym and community hall is today.

A few times over the course of a season it could say:

"..place under water."


Land under water (1951-1975) Sports field on the Lein (1951-1975) Renovation of the old sports hall '64 (1951-1975) Old sports hall with toilet annex on the left and annex for washing on the right (1951-1975)

Land under water, sports field on the Lein, renovation of the old sports hall '64,
Old sports hall with toilet annex on the left and annex for washing on the right


The old gym

The somewhat older members of the club can certainly still remember the "old sports hall" of the TSV.
It only became the property of the association again in 1954 after it had been expropriated before the war.
There are many stories about it, but it was certainly one of the first in the old district of Schwäbisch Gmünd to be equipped with showers - these were a rarity in those years. While the footballers usually had to be content with one "wash tub" for everyone, in Leinzell you could - if you didn't do it during the game - really lather up and take a shower.

It was demolished in 1971, at the same time as the inauguration of the new community hall.

Another novelty of the Leinzeller Kicker was the fact that a bus from the Jakob company drove to the away game. Each player or spectator had to pay for the trip themselves, but this income was always left to the team by the Jakob company.


Coin toss before the game (1951-1975) Old sports field on the Lein (1951-1975) Old team photo (1951-1975) Old team photo (1951-1975) Old team photo Reserve '52/53 (1951-1975) Old team photo (1951-1975) Old team photo '55/56 (1951-1975) Old team photo (1951-1975) Old team photo Reserve '55 (1951-1975)

various game and team photos


1st team cup winners '65 (1951-1975) Old sports field on the Lein (1951-1975) During training (1951-1975) 1st team cup winner '74 (1951-1975) Athletics department (1951-1975) Bockmusik in the TSV club home (1951-1975) Club trip (1951-1975) Parade for the 75th TSV anniversary (1951-1975)

1st team cup winners '65, old sports field on the Lein, during training,
1st team cup winner '74, athletics department, "Bockmusik" in the TSV club home,
Club trip, parade for the 75th TSV anniversary

1976 – 2000

The first highlight in the last 25 years was definitely the inauguration of the new sports field towards Täferrot in 1990.
A long-cherished wish of the club came true, finally they had a second sports field, because the old place on the Lein was badly damaged in the last few years.
The inauguration was combined with the 90th anniversary of the TSV, the administrative cup tournament and a large tent party.

In 1992 the time had come, the old square on the Lein could be handed over to its intended purpose after thorough redesign, including a new hut and pergola.

In 1993 a delegation from the partner municipality of Danjoutin visited our club and the following year we went to the partner town with the rifle club.

The highlight, at least for the footballers, was definitely winning the championship and promotion to the district league A in the 1995/96 season. albeit scarce, do not take more.

Now this year the 100th anniversary of our association is coming, the founding fathers had certainly not thought of that. But it would have filled them with pride if they could see that "your" club is still alive. And we would be just as proud if the Leinzell gymnastics and sports club could celebrate its next anniversary in another hundred years.


1st team at the cup tournament in Göggingen (1976-2000) 1st team (1976-2000) AH team on the trip to Steinach (1976-2000) AH championship team '81/82 (1976-2000) Sports field inauguration '90 (1976-2000) A-Jugend Championship '90/91 (1976-2000) Sports field inauguration '92 (1976-2000) Sports field inauguration '92 pennant handovere (1976-2000) Visit to the twin town of Danjoutin in '93 (1976-2000) Kreiliga B championship in '96 pennant handover (1976-2000) Kreisliga B championship in '96 (1976-2000) Championship trip to Sonthofen in '96

1st team at the cup tournament in Göggingen, 1st team, AH team on the trip to Steinach, AH championship team '81/82, sports field inauguration '90, A-Jugend Championship '90/91, sports field inauguration '92, sports field inauguration '92 pennant handover, Visit to the twin town of Danjoutin in '93, Kreiliga B championship in '96 pennant handover, Kreisliga B championship in '96, championship trip to Sonthofen in '96

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