The clubhouse of the TSV Leinzell 1900 e.V. was completed in 2004 with the great participation of the members and a high degree of personal contribution. As a direct extension to the new sports and culture hall, it has since offered space for around 60 guests and, thanks to its modern furnishings, is ideal for events and club-internal use.

A special feature is the idiosyncratic architecture of the sloping roof. Because of the resulting ceiling height, a special ceiling suspension and a powerful exhaust air system, staying in the clubhouse is extremely comfortable because used air can be removed relatively quickly. In addition, there is an absolute smoking ban!

Initially managed by the club, later "privately", the club house has been increasingly used in recent years for renting out for private events such as birthdays, other club-internal events or as a conference room for other clubs.


Opening hours clubhouse

Usually our club home is open during the running game of our football "ACTIVES" at the following times:

Fridays from 8 p.m.
Sundays (for home games) from 1 p.m.

Subject to change at short notice.


Are you still looking for a suitable place for your private party?

Then you've come to the right place, because our clubhouse can now be rented again for private events.
The large hall can accommodate up to 60 people. There is also a spacious counter area with cooling, a well-equipped kitchen with plenty of crockery and glasses and sufficient sanitary facilities. In addition, there is an absolute smoking ban!

The current rental price is 180.00 euros plus 15.00 euros / hour for our final cleaning.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail with your contact details and the desired date to:


Flashback: Inauguration of the clubhouse, March 20, 2004

Report in the Leinzeller Official Journal, March 2004

In this way, TSV Leinzell would like to thank all donors, patrons and especially the community of Leinzell.

Last Friday evening, architect Jürgen Bauer handed over the symbolic bowl to Alfred Frey, the 1st board member. At the beginning of the official ceremony, Alfred Frey recalled the various construction phases of the new clubhouse. His special thanks went to Mayor Nesper and some generous companies that he mentioned by name. He paid tribute to Karl-Heinz "Charly" Mozer, Josef Brucker, Karl-Heinz Josef and Ivan Mihalic and presented them with a small gift. Furthermore, Alfred Frey thanked the women of the club and all the other helpers.

In his speech, Mayor Nesper left no doubt about how much he was convinced by what took so many hours of work to create: "It turned out beautifully".

Referee chairman Berti Reck was also very impressed with the new premises and wished TSV all the best for the future and presented Alfred Frey with a small souvenir.

Pastor Ulrike Förschler asked for the spiritual blessing with some women from the association.

Secretary Günther Stegmaier thanked Alfred Frey on behalf of the committee and the members of the association for his tireless work.

Many thanks again to all helpers, cake donors and everyone who contributed to the fact that the three inauguration days went so well.


TSV clubhouse, opening March 20th, 2004

The step from "lower to upper floor" - "It turned out beautifully"

Headlines like these made their way through the press at the inauguration of the new TSV Leinzell clubhouse. The completion of the new building was celebrated on March 20, 2004 with many guests and celebrities. 1. Chairman of TSV Leinzell Mr. Alfred Frey particularly appreciated the great commitment of the club members including Mr. Josef Brucker, Karl-Heinz Mozer, Karl-Heinz Josef and Ivan Mihalic.

The clubhouse was described as "beautiful" by the mayor, Mr. Günther Nesper, and rightly so.