Leinzell, August 2018

Dear sports friends,
Dear TSV members & club sponsors,
Dear community of Leinzell,
First of all we would like to welcome you to the website of TSV Leinzell 1900 e.V.!

And as you all have certainly noticed since the convening of our last extraordinary general meeting for July 25th, 2018, we are currently in the middle of a restructuring phase with the association in terms of content and personnel.

We were able to successfully win a new board for the coming term of office, which is perhaps still a bit young and sometimes too inexperienced in voluntary work, but is all the more committed to accomplishing the "reconstruction" for the benefit of the association.
But who is always aware of her obligation to the members as well as the burden she has definitely placed on the community and her fellow citizens over the last few years.

And it's definitely a "reconstruction" if you look at the long, traditional history of the gymnastics club founded in 1900, which later merged with the footballers of VfR Leinzell in 1932 to form the now well-known gymnastics and sports club Leinzell.
New divisions were added over the years, the departments and the number of members rose steadily, so that our TSV soon grew into one of the largest clubs not only in the entire Ostalbkreis.
With the 100-year celebration in 2000 as the crowning glory.

As a place of encounter and togetherness, the association has always thrived on the people who dedicate their free time and their heart and soul to it. It connects, creates friendships and partnerships, shares happiness and sorrow in good times as well as sometimes, unfortunately, in difficult times.

Our heart is in this club.
We are, so to speak, children of this association.

And in keeping with tradition, we not only cultivate sport and exercise in this club, but above all cultural exchange.
Because a club is always part of the community, committed to cultural life and serves to develop personality as well as physical fitness.

You can turn your back on your club, exclude yourself for personal reasons or even look for and break new ground. Maybe that's the better way in the end.
But no matter how far ahead you should never forget where you came from.

With this in mind, we all look forward to hopefully many more productive and happy years together. And that you will remain with us as a member, sponsor or friend and help to fill our club life with "new" life again.

With sporty regards,

Your TSV board team

Andreas Baumgärtner
Kai Hochstetter
Tobias Mozer
Siegfried Friedrich